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Nash’s first Swiss circus zoo September 17, 2010

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You heard that right.  The Swiss circus of Knie has its own ‘zoo.’  And they have arrived in town today for their one night show in our little town of Nyon.  As they bathe and primp the entourage for tonight’s spectacle, for a small fee of 3 francs, one can wonder through the maze of animals encircling the grand circus tent.

I have never been a huge fan of the idea of circus animals.  That they are penned up cruising around in little pint-sized boxes and

pot-bellied pig!

putting on like show ponies it just seems all a bit, well, inhumane.  But what I saw today were camels getting full body rinses, and horses being lathered and massaged.  Monkeys hooping and hollering, wind-sprinting it through little tunnels connecting three ‘cars’ and everyone lounging in the shade on hay cushioned pallets.  Not too shabby.  Maybe its all just a show, or rather in preparation for the show, but the animals did seem very well cared for as far as I could tell.  Word on the street is that Knie takes pretty good care of their lot, so we decided to check it out.

It wasn’t a huge spectacle, but enough so that Nash gave a big ‘WHOOOOOW’ on arrival.  He was happy to peek through the bars at the camels and zebras, the ponies didn’t interest him much, and the horses, well, he’s seen plenty of those.  But the elephants?  OH the elephants.  I thought we were going to have a remake of the scene at the dairy farm yesterday when he threw an absolute body-arching fit when it was time to leave the sand box.  Not a happy camper to walk away from the elephants.  Fascinating as they were munching their branches and covering themselves in hay…  nighttime routine was beckoning after an MIA nap at creche today.

So here you have it, a first for Nash.  And in the middle of our little town.  Can you tell I am loving it here?  Only in Switzerland…


One Response to “Nash’s first Swiss circus zoo”

  1. brooks Says:

    this life is so so perfect for you!!! i love hearing about it all! love you natnat!

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