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Homage, Haircuts and Hand-knits…. November 8, 2010

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Nash's first haircut!

A Halloween Homage to our Troops Abroad...

So Halloween has come and gone.  Living abroad and celebrating Halloween always raises an eyebrow or two over here, but I cannot help myself.  What is more fun than dressing up my little doll of a child and parading him around the neighborhood all decked out like a little American soldier?   You can’t really see it, but there is an American flag on that sleeve there.  Oh how my patriotism strengthens the longer I am away!  Also, written on the pajamas that Mom brought with her must be noted:  Major Cutie.  So yes, I got out my good make-up brushes and camo’ed him up.  He wasn’t sure what to think of seeing himself in the mirror like this and would walk by and take a long lingering look at my handiwork, but he didn’t try to wipe it or smear it, so I took that as an ‘okay.’  Fred took him house to house, but he mostly wanted to just run up and down the street.  And any candy that did make into the trick-or-treat sack was immediately fished out and commanded open.  So no, that part didn’t work out so well, but I still had fun!  Set up a cobweb fringed séance on my front porch to freak out the neighbors a bit…   I heart Halloween!

Other eventful news out of our household, Nash had his first haircut yesterday!  Its been a constant back and forth do we cut it, do we leave it.   And much as I love the curls, and I do mean LOVE… those are the ringlets from his earliest days to be safeguarded forever and ever…  it was time to even things out a bit.  And I did get a little scissor happy, or rather just had to keep fixing my you-know-what-ups, which meant that it is a little shorter than I intended, but I figure it will grow out cute.   But oh the hesitation at making that first snip!  Fred was eventually like, just DO it already!  And I did.  So its done.  And it will grow.  Wait, did I already say that?

And here is another pic for all of you who are going, I cannot believe she cut all those curls off (you know who you are) where you can see that they ARE still there, just a little modified…


SEE! I didn't cut ALL the curls out!

Last week we were in London with my beloved girlfriend, Laura, who is closing in on the last couple of weeks of her second pregnancy.  I love visiting the UK, most importantly because I get to see her and Cole, but secondly, the English makes me feel like I get a little dose of home.  Even if they do say funny things like ‘loo’ and ‘lorry’ and ‘panda car.’  But while we were there Laura gave me a few hand-me-downs-on-loan (she is having another boy), and so I leave you with Nash’s newest threads.  This outfit makes me smile, though I have to tell you Fred’s comment when he saw Nash all decked out…

He looks like a Swiss-German.

Oh yes, double-pointed! Maybe Fred's right;)

A Nana Wilson Original... thanks Laura and Cole


One Response to “Homage, Haircuts and Hand-knits….”

  1. Dana Zander Says:

    I love your blog!! I am so glad I can catch up and keep up with you and your adorable little family now! I told you this before already but Nash is just the cutest little guy ever. I sure miss you. I would love to visit you over there someday. Until then, if you are ever around Texas, let me know! Take care.
    Love- Dana

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