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November already? November 18, 2010

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What is it about having a child that makes the days, weeks, months, YEARS go by so incredibly quickly?  I cannot believe that we are closing in on Thanksgiving in a short week already!  I feel like I celebrated Nash’s first birthday yesterday, and here I am gearing up for his second in a couple of months.  Where has 2010 gone, is what I want to know?

We are keeping ourselves so busy in our busy little lives, honestly, Monday is Friday.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Who?      I am trying to pay such close attention to the details, take loads of pictures, even record our morning breakfasts together on my PhotoBooth (in between Backyardigans episodes, my newest trick in the book!)  in an attempt to slow it down, but its all in vain it seems.  And in some ways, its great because it means that being home in South Carolina and New Orleans comes before I know it!  The flip side of it is that the vacation visit itself feels like half of an inhale, I am not kidding.

So in these parts right now Fall is on the verge of being completely fallen, at least foliage-wise.  Its been full of gorgeous light, brilliant colors, brisk days and bluebird skies, but I am feeling that cold that cuts through your clothes creeping in bit by bit by the day.  The smell of wood burning in fireplaces wafts in the air which always reminds me that soon the entire population of Switzerland will be trecking themselves into the mountains come the weekend.  There is something about all of this happening that makes me want to get under my faux fur blanky and snuggle down with Mieussy the cat nuzzled in the crook of my knee.  Much as I adore my little man, there isn’t much about him that is calming or relaxing  at the moment apart from when he sleeps.  And then the world does slow down for a little bit.  Then I look into his serene little face all relaxed in unconscious bliss and all that is chaotic and frenzied and crazy in our day-to-day life doesn’t even seem to exist anymore.  Oh the dichotomy of motherhood!

Our waking days are Olympic festivities of Cow Bouncing, Scooter Pushing, Moto Riding, Digger Crawling, Sofa Launching, Tickle Rolling… the list goes on and on of events.  We could also include Drawer Unloading and DVD Displaying if I were getting really technical.  Oh, and my very own special event?  Food Chasing.  Yes, we are still having issues with eating while sitting, but so it goes.  If I turn the t.v. on he sits.  So which is it?  Eating while zoned out in front of tellie or while on the go performing one of the aforementioned events?  Judge all you like, the boy ate half a raw red pepper today and cauliflower gruyere gratin, so at least I am getting some good stuff into him;)  Could be McDonalds.  Which we also did this week I will shamelessly admit.  And that he actually did eat sitting down.   He calls the whole experience ‘Frite,’ which is French for ‘french fry.’



So voila, it is this constant pull of ‘yes and no’ and ‘good and bad’ and ‘more and less’ and ‘go and STOP!!!’   He has this fearlessness that scares the hell out of me sometimes.  And yet, I am so fiercely proud of what I see as independence.  Confidence even.   Perhaps it is this constant undulation that makes time feel as though its moving in fast-forward mode, I don’t know.

What I do know is that I better pay attention quick because I can feel it, its going to be a decade from now when I wake up tomorrow.


4 Responses to “November already?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Happy thanksgiving! Can’t wait for your visit to NOLA.

    • nattieloulou Says:

      Me, too! So excited to see all of you…

      • Margaret Says:

        So just wondering what supplies/equip will you need for Nash. Grandma was asking if you needed the fold up baby bed that she got last year and I still have the highchair. Also give me a grocery list with diaper/wipe etc. so that you don’t have to pack those. There is a whole foods that is a short walk. love, Margaret

      • nattieloulou Says:

        You are the best, Margaret! Yes, baby bed would be great as well as high chair, thank you so much for that! He is a size 5 Pampers Active fit or Baby dry and the Pampers sensitive wipes are our faves… I really appreciate this! And if Whole Foods is right around the corner we can always pick things up there, no worries…

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