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Season’s Merry Greetings! December 26, 2010

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So this is the first white Christmas in South Carolina in something like 50 years!  It made an already great day even better for us as the rain puffed up throughout the afternoon and turned into full fledged fatty flakes by dinnertime.  In Pelzer it is so picturesque today after a night of it falling continuously, so couldn’t help but take advantage of the photo op this monring.   We arrived in SC about a week ago after a HELL of a trip… 3 hour delay in Geneva, missed flight and thus night spent in Washington, 4 hour delay the following morning… and seems like this is trying to become a habit for us with flights.  Our flight to New Orleans today was under travel advisory, so rather than risk it, we decided to postpone the departure a day and play in the snow instead!

It has been 7 months since we were last here, so the three of us are even more excited than ever over just about every little detail of being home.  Mom, Dad, and Uncle Rusty, of course, but also doggies (Harley, Waylan and Johnny), kitties (Tag-Tag and Ice Cream Cone), golf cart rides, simulated tractor rides, carrots for the horses, sprints to the lake, visits to Whole Foods… the list goes on and on.   But yes, being home feels so SO good.  Nash seems to somewhat get that there is some kind of big deal about Santa and Frostie, and he seem to love singing songs all about them.  And the novelty of ripping into presents piece by inch-sized piece (the unwrapping equally as exciting as the contents) never wore off, so yesterday was very entertaining for all of us.

Off to New Orleans tomorrow and will definitely have some juice to share after our visit…

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy holiday season and all our best for the coming new year!


Natalie, Nash (23 months) and Fred


One Response to “Season’s Merry Greetings!”

  1. Nancy & Sunny Says:


    Mother and I loved viewing your site and seeing your pictures. Any more?
    We love and miss you, Sunny & Nancy

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