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pensive sitting… August 8, 2011

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The toe is still really hurting.  Fred’s grandmother, the infamous storytelling Elga, told me that now I should understand why this is one of the primary ways that torture is used.   Messing with the extremities.  OUCH.  And yikes!  Elga’s got some kind of thought process going on her little 91 year old tete, let me tell you!

I must admit, though, being stranded on the sofa has given me a chance to think about some things.  Like how I am on facebook WAY too much.  A yoga teacher that I am friends with recently said this, “…fb is not at all helpful in the practice of minding our own business…this is definitely not ‘off the trail’ behaviour…”  You know, just like your mama always told you (or mine anyway).  And it is that exactly that is seriously getting me into a funk after I scroll through people’s posts and new photos and whatnot, it’s just this false sense of connectedness.   We have the info without the connection… Not good.  That connection is what really serves us, the information is really just a minor detail.  Don’t get me wrong, when I need to advertise an event or a workshop or whatever, it’s an amazing place to get the information out there, but I am reaching the point where I seriously need to start drawing the line.  Facebook withdrawal.  We have no television (ok, no cable to be precise,) so being on the internet is really my only source of news, etc, but I am reaching a breaking point, especially in these last few days of not being able to go anywhere but internet sites.

I am also wondering how to take care of and use Echinacea plants.  I recently put a little garden in my backyard, but I haven’t a clue what to do with the lovely blooms.  We are having an English summer here, it feels, which makes for gorgeous gardens, so me planting in the middle of the summer was no probs whatsoever!  One day its 85 and the next we don’t go about 65…  I brought swim diapers with Nash to creche today in order to jinx this confusion of a summer that we have had.  And to think that in a week’s time we will be (ok, depending on the toe status) in Oslo… it doesn’t seem to go above 65 there, period!

Thankfully Nash’s daycare had an extra place for him this afternoon, so I can sit with my foot up.   He was literally squealing as we walked down the sidewalk this morning and he saw Veronique through the glass door.  I am pretty sure he loves it there, and I love that he is Mr. Social with all of his little mates there.  Creche (as its called here) has been closed for the last four weeks, and while we had fun with Sadie Nardini visiting, traipsing through Tuscany and then mending mommy’s toe (Be CAREful, Maman, I have heard more times than I can count), it was very sweet to see him so excited to be back at “school” (as I call it for my big boy.)

peace out…


The insanity of time passage and loss thereof… August 7, 2011

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Let me just say, the workshop in Mexico was incredibly motivating.  Like, fire in my undies motivating.  So much so that I arrived at

Alesha and I! New partners...

home, met a woman who was itching to do SOMETHING with yoga as much as I, stopped daydreaming about it and took the plunge to start a business with a complete stranger over lunch.  So began Gather, our collaboration together:   We haven’t looked back, and so far we’ve even put on a couple of successful workshops and are in the process of organizing the Geneva Yoga Conference with its founder, Daniel Anner!  Things have been going swimmingly, and I have been managing the start of this business and my lovely little nest relatively well considering, well, we are trying to start a business.

Or so I thought.

I just read a post (holistic , mind you) that “injuries to one’s lower extremities signal a disconnection with foundation.”


Nash and his two cousins.

Going on a week ago, we celebrated the ‘premier aout’ (1st of August) here in Switzerland, comparable to the 4th of July in the States.  Lovely display of fireworks (estimated 1 million for each commune on Lake Geneva!  Not the same recession that the US is feeling right now it seems.)  The following day, Nash and I decided to spend at Grandmaman’s, playing in the yard, jumping on the trampoline, walking to the pool, hanging with the cousins… typical Swiss summer day.  That afternoon post nap, we packed it up and were headed out to pick up Papa from work (and my favorite Thai curry), so I was a little hasty in our departure knowing that I needed to swing by my sister-in-law’s to pick up a lovely table that Fred has inherited.  It has a glass top.  I carried it to the car mindlessly, instead focusing on how I would cool the car more quickly as Nash was sweltering,

THE table.

all pink and sweaty in the back seat.  Even more thoughtlessly thinking of whether or not I would order the curry in advance or just stop by, I turned the table on its side to pop it into my trunk.

Merde, I dropped the glass off the top of the table, and MERDE it shattered on the ground, and MERDE my toe hurts, it must have hit it!  So first I was thinking of how I would pick up all the glass in my sister-in-law’s driveway, when upon closer analysis, I realized that the reason my toe hurt was because I had severed it just below the bottom of the nail bed when the glass hit.  My toenail, rather than facing the blue Swiss skies were actually facing forward.  Yes, forward.

So its cheaper to sew the old toenail on as a bandaid it turns out.

To make a long story kind of short, Fred came in a taxi and drove me to ‘urgence’ and I probably spent the next 4 and half hours there having my toe sewn back together.  And I cannot help but wonder if I will even have a lovely smooth nail again, even though I know I should be thanking my luck that I a toe at all.

And so now, my bum feeling as though it will sprout roots and grow deep into the folds of the sofa, I finally have a second to come back to a space that I created almost a year ago when we moved to Nyon.  Oh the neglect.  For those of you checking this out, thank you for your patience.  I will try to make more of an effort now that the novelty of ‘starting a business’ is wearing off, although that doesn’t necessarily mean the work is any less, that I am sure of!

What I realize is that this little base of a soapbox that I have been writing from was, in a way, my journal of keeping track of comings and goings and just little episodes of our life here.  And I miss sharing that.  It seems so sad that it simply comes to a screeching halt after the climax that was Mexico!

So, back to foundation, connecting a little to my root- to my expression of what is going on around me- that creative outlet that in some ways I completely attribute to the latest chapter/adventure.  I know that letting some of that expression out gave me way more space and loads more confidence to move forward with Gather.   There is so much to be said in getting the word on the page… (literally!) Writing the story in a way that makes you shine.  And knowing that every single situation holds that potential…  Not that this last story is so much that, I was anything but shiny last Tuesday, but here I am. Planted to my couch and back to tippity tapping on MomShanti.  It’s a start!

And this is such a new chapter that maybe it needed a dramatic break before it began.  Motherhood is not so different than it was before, although I do feel now there is a little more juggling going on with schedules, but if anything I am the better for it.  I am chosing to participate in the life that I want to live.  And the best part about it?

Living as an example for my son.