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About September 8, 2010

Ridiculously busy with an 18 month old and yet somehow able to come up with hours to spend writing my new blog, which of course makes me feel guilty that those hours aren’t somehow going into his fundamental development… Oh a mother’s guilt! Six years pretty much to the month (and counting) in Switzerland as a result of getting hitched with a Lausannois thanks to my former obsession with competing as a ‘professional’ water skier. Now a part-time yoga teacher obsessed with nesting my new digs in Nyon (and hunting high and low for that discount Eames loung chair)… and of course there is Nash, pretty much the underlying theme running through it all!

‘Mom Shanti?’ you might ask?  As a yoga teacher now actively pursuing 500 hour certification, I couldn’t help but title the blog something slightly, oh, idealistic?  Shanti means many things, most notably peace.  It is a peacefulness that is reached when one learns to cultivate qualities of compassion, relaxation, inner balance, courage, nonjudgement, and serenity (to name a few.)

Now, if you are also the mother of a small child out there reading this, here is where you would snicker and go ‘RIGHT.’  Most of the time these terms are far from how I would envision myself as a mother, let’s be honest here.  But Shanti is something that in yoga we use all the time, chanting, singing, meditating upon, even using as a greeting or a salutation…  almost like the more you say it, the more of a possiblility it becomes.  And because this blog is my own little release valve from the stress of life at this particular moment, my own personal ‘Shanti’ if you will, well, Mom Shanti seemed only fitting.  Because who wouldn’t want to infuse their parenting with a little more peace like that?  And so, Shanti Shanti Shanti- in honor of my little man Nash…


One Response to “About”

  1. Tanya Says:

    Love the new name…Shanti…BRING IT!

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